iOS SDK with high quality integration of esports into players' games

UIKit, SwiftUI Brick Breaker game with Triumph SDK

UI Nostalgia. Retro Progress Bar

RetroProgressBar is a customizable progress bar UIView, designed to mimic the classic aesthetics of early iOS and Mac OS X versions. It offers a bubble-like, skeuomorphic appearance, providing a nostalgic feel to your app's user interface.

👋 Hello, I'm Max, a passionate Software Engineer specializing in the development of mobile applications with a strong focus on the iOS platform. My experience is deeply rooted in architecting iOS apps, enhancing client-side performance, and developing sophisticated user interfaces, with a particular emphasis on utilizing SwiftUI in production.

Creator of Word Deposit and a key iOS Engineer at Triumph Labs. Software Heritage ambassador.

Sometimes I share insights at conferences and write articles about technologies, patterns and frameworks in iOS.

If you want to learn more check out my interview on Hackernoon


iOS Developers Global Summit'23

October 10, 2023

Online Conference for Swift Developers

Cocoaheads Berlin

June 14, 2023


Cocoaheads Stockholm

June 12, 2023



April 13, 2023

iOSoho NYC

Rolling Numbers Animation Using Only CALayers

RollingNumbers is a lightweight UIView for getting smooth rolling animation between numbers implemented using only CALayer

UIKit, CALayer

Firestore improvements for iOS app development

Improving the usage of Firebase by creating an extension with a set of helpers for reading, updating, listening, and querying data from Firestore by using custom Requests.

Swift, Firestore

Address autocomplete

Implementing address autocomplete using SwiftUI and MapKit

SwiftUI, MapKit

iOS Framework for Unity

A detailed process of creating a Framework for Unity targeted to iOS.

Swift, C#, UIKit

Updating SwiftUI Views From Objective-C Using MVVM

Experimenting how to show SwiftUI views from Objective-C codebase. Moreover, an Objective-C model should be observable respectively SwiftUI should be updated.

Objective-C, SwitUI, UIKit

UILabel with HTML tags in UIKit and SwiftUI

An article about creation process of UILabel that handles basic HTML tags. The links should have normal and active states. It must work in both frameworks: UIKit and SwiftUI in the same way.

SwitUI, UIKit

Word Deposit

Your pocket vocabulary to learn any language.

Currency Rates iOS App + Widget

Simple currency rates application on SwiftUI with Today Widget extension

SwiftUI, Combine


A simple way to measure the objects which locating around you

Objective-C, ARKit, UIKit Word Deposit App in App Store

Lowkey Poll

Lowkey App Poll flow implementation

React Native, TypeSctipt

GitHub Finder App

List of GitHub users

Objective-C, UIKit

Swaper App. Investing.
The Easy Way

Mobile Dev | Fronted | UI/UX Design


iOS application saves weather conditions for your current location

Swift, UIKit, MapKit

News Feed App

Experimental application with widgets
API was taken from

Swift, UIKit

Data Invision
We make your data serve you

Frontend | Product Design. May 2019


Design Community

Frontend | Product Design. November 2018

Holloway. Reliable knowledge shouldn’t be hard to find

UI / Web Design. June 2018


The fastest way to get money

UI / Web Design. June 2018


About You.
Design Concept

Product Design